About Skillsdeal

About Skillsdeal is a social network that brings together skills with needs for the realization of tasks. These tasks can be long, short, punctual, recurrent, requiring highly qualified skills or not. The profiles of the contributors offering their skills and the offerers having needs are permanently visible without geographical limits.

About Skillsdeal is for?

Skillsdeal is aimed at current employees who are not fulfilled enough in their job or who wish to generate a complementary income. The application is also aimed at freelancers who want to expand their activity or their clients. Skillsdeal is for all the others who want to have or complete their income simply, in autonomy and freedom. The very idea of Skillsdeal is the enhancement of the skills of each one by the execution of tasks. The contribution in skills can be voluntary or paid by an exchange of services. It is up to the contributors and the offerers. There is no limit of skills. They are not linked to a job profile. They can be varied in multiple fields. We can see a baker, a plumber, a computer scientist, a mason, a film director. Everything is open, there are no more boxes, only fun!

How does it work?

About Skillsdeal, it works like a social network of skills for tasks. Offerers expose their needs in skills for the realization of precise tasks. Contributors indicate their skills. Skillsdeal brings the two together and they exchange privately to see if their meetings can work. When a meeting of the two works, they simply have to agree between them to perform one or more tasks. Unlike job search sites, Skillsdeal does not propose jobs to be filled organized by profiles but by skills to perform tasks.

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