Find a temporary job

Find a temporary job. Finding a temporary or regular job offers the advantage of a certain flexibility and allows you to supplement your income. It is the opportunity to offer skills in the execution of identified tasks for a defined project with a predetermined objective. Temporary job can be executed as a freelance or by contract.

The freelance contract to Find a temporary job

The freelance contract offers the advantage of flexibility in terms of the needs to be met and the collaborators offering their skills. It is an independent worker who acts independently for one or more clients. Freelance job is a contract between a collaborator who brings his skills in the execution of one or several tasks and an organization or a private individual who have punctual or regular needs. The freelancer has no subordination link with his client, he is therefore free to organize himself as he wishes as long as the conditions of the contract are respected.

The fixed-term contract

This is a contract agreed between an employer and an employee with the particularity of having an end date. Unlike the freelance contract, it fulfills the conditions of a job description and is no longer necessarily linked to objectives but to a set of targeted skills in a field in the interest of fulfilling a specific function in an organization.
The limits of fixed-term contracts are multiple. One of the main ones is the lack of visibility for both the employee and the employer, which can potentially lead to under-investment, lack of motivation or malaise.

Casual work

Casual work is similar to fixed-term contracts but is organized around tasks that do not necessarily fill a job description. Like the freelancer, the casual worker has an objective, skills to offer and temporarily fills occasional or regular needs. This is the case, for example, for intermittent workers in the entertainment industry.