Having several activities

Having several activities. As a self-employed person, regardless of the status (job seeker, student, employee, civil servant, liberal professional or pensioner), an activity that can be cumulated with other salaries or retirement pensions is possible. It is also possible, under certain conditions, to carry out several activities within the same self-employed status.

In France, for example, the activity of a self-employed person in a micro enterprise is regulated and must not exceed certain turnover thresholds. If these thresholds are exceeded, the status must change and other obligations are imposed.

How it works as an employee for having several activities

Generally speaking, an employer must ensure that his employee does not exceed the legal weekly time limits. It is up to the employee to certify that he or she is complying. Some civil servants are bound by special rules. In all cases, it is advisable to contact a specialist, depending on where you are. He or she will confirm what you can and cannot do in your situation. An employee can combine several activities as long as they do not exceed 44 hours per week. The 44-hour average may be exceeded, up to a maximum of 46 hours over a period of 12 consecutive weeks.

As a matter of professional ethics, some professions prohibit multiple jobs. Having several activities, this is for example the case for certain professions that are part of the public service or liberal activities.
Several activities as a self-employed person

A self-employed person can, under certain conditions, have several activities within his company. On the other hand, for example, French legislation forbids having two auto-enterprises or combining a micro-enterprise with a sole proprietorship. A self-employed person can have a salaried activity at the same time, as long as the two are compatible.

The self-employed person will have to determine his main activity and his secondary activity(ies) in France. The principle of turnover limits remains unchanged. Obligations evolve according to the ceilings not to be exceeded. It is the responsibility of the self-employed person to keep abreast of his obligations.