Supplement your freelance income

Find a freelance mission. The Skilldeal space aims to correlate skills and needs. The advantage of this formula is that it is a long-term process, unlike ads which are one-offs. However, there are other ways to find a freelance mission.

Use advanced social network searches

Displaying posts that deal with the topic by filtering them is a good option to search and find freelance assignments. This option requires you to go on social media very regularly at the risk of being forgotten.

Going to an agency to find a freelance assignment

Some agencies may offer freelance assignments. These agencies work exactly like employment or temporary work agencies. They are paid on the basis of the services invoiced to the employer, on the activity of the freelance.

Prospect locally

Prospecting locally is also a good way to get known. For this method to be effective, it must be regular. As with any local prospector, the key to success for profitable prospecting is to be there regularly, which takes time. It also means that the customers are local.

Reaching out to the economic fabric

Whether the economic fabric is local, departmental or regional, it can be good to go and see them. Here again, in order to be remembered as a freelancer, regular meetings are necessary. Once again, this regularity requires time. It also implies working locally with a close geographical environment.

Working with partners to find a freelance assignment

Working in a team is also a good way to get known. Not being the only one on the file, the freelancer can lose control of the client. This option requires a good trust with his partners.

Offer referral bonuses

Referral is one of the keys to success for a freelancer. It is an effective way to find new clients. There is no miracle method, there are methodologies that work. A major key of success is the recurrence in the prospection and a regularity in the customer approaches. With Skillsdeal the freelancer is permanently visible.